L&L Academy and Preschool

Parent Communication

Teacher Selection

Our goal at L&L is to keep you aware of your child’s progress and daily activities. This will be accomplished through the parent board that has weekly and monthly lesson plans, weekly class emails, semi-annual progress reports and individual portfolios showing your child’s work and progress during their time at L&L.

Each Friday, parents will receive a Friday email that will highlight what your child did for that week. Along with an email, parents will get access to weekly pictures where they can view over 150 photos taken that week!


This school is run with important goals that we aim to achieve on a daily basis:
~ to provide children with quality education;
~ to teach children the importance of a healthy life-style;
~ to keep parents connected with their children;
~ to offer an education at an affordable price.
Welcome Prospective Parents! 

​First, we would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website and for considering L&L Academy and Preschool. A decision to place your precious child in a school IS a big deal. Frustration with lack of communication and lack of education is what sparked us to open this school for ages six weeks to six years. 

​Some parents may prefer the Montessori approach; we believe that, as professional teachers, it is our duty to help children discover their interests through guidance. With fun (but carefully planned curriculum) we can help your child discover the wonders of reading, poetry, science, creative movement, and much more. 

At L&L, we use every opportunity as a learning opportunity. Knowing/understanding that children tend to learn best when they are enjoying an activity, we turn most “fun” activities into something educational. We will give your children the tools to begin reading, writing and the confidence for the first day of Kindergarten. Your child can do so much only if he/she is exposed to the right environment. We spend the time that your child is under our care ingraining those values, so your child can be ahead of their peers as they pursue Elementary Education. We strive to be the best preschool in Lincoln Park area and Lakeview area. 

The goal of L&L Academy is to nurture and guide each child’s development intellectually, socially, and physically. This is accomplished in an environment where learning unfolds though curriculum, exploration, and stimulating play. These lessons create a solid foundation that will continue to grow and evolve throughout your child’s lifetime.


Our Mission

L&L has a unique family environment amongst all staff. Each teacher/assistant is carefully selected to continue growing our "family". Teachers are given guidance for curriculum, but also have the freedom to bring their ideas to the classroom. Our belief is that if a teacher enjoys teaching children through science or math then they will teach best when they love what they do. 

Teachers must fulfill certain criteria to be part of L&L. They must have passion, be gentle, be assertive, and must believe that education at an early age is crucial! We don't hire teachers who like to be given a strict curriculum to follow. We hire teachers who are full of ideas and want to take ownership of their classroom. Each lesson plan must be approved by our Director, but the teacher has the freedom to teach through subjects that they are passionate about. This school is a team effort where ideas bounce throughout our walls.

Anonymous Suggestions Program

There is no such thing as "perfect" - there is ALWAYS room for improvement. We want to embrace this and work towards perfection. So we created an Anonymous Suggestion Program. Parents can log on and suggest improvements, bring up concerns, and applaud us for good effort. We take this seriously and will promptly have a teacher meeting to see how we can solve the problem. 

As always, parents are encouraged to either email the owner, their classroom or call the school if there are immediate issues that need to be resolved as soon as possible. 

L&L Academy and Preschool was created to help your child achieve a higher standard in education. Entering first grade is a stressful time and we want to prepare our students for this transition by exposing them to similar topics that will be covered the first year. Through familiarity, your child can focus on learning the new material rather than focusing on an adjustment period. In the meantime, L&L also wants to instill values that are beyond the education system: the importance of health. Right start in understanding how to take care of oneself should help your child make positive choices in life. Besides embedding a strong educational foundation in a fun setting, children will be introduced to “core values”:    

Health is the most important aspect of our life:

While in our care your child will eat only organic lunches, snacks and drink organic milk.  L&L is a nut-free school, therefore all snacks and treats must be produced in a nut free facility. Besides eating right, we will also teach children an importance of good hygiene. After meals, we will promote healthy brushing habits that last a lifetime.

Leadership is taught at an early age:

At L&L Academy, each child will be taught important skills and etiquette to help them gain the confidence to be active members of the classroom. Through encouragement and care your child will gain important leadership skills, we will work with each child individually to bring out their inner best!

What Makes Us Unique